Our De-Stoner is a precision-engineered machine that efficiently removes stones and contaminants from grains, maintaining purity and quality. It is a must-have tool for small-scale farmers looking to increase the value of their crops.

Air Jet Polisher

The Air Jet Polisher is an innovative gadget that uses advanced technology to polish your grains, increasing their visual appeal and commercial value. With this cutting-edge gadget, you can improve the quality of your product.

Mini Rice Mill Plant

Our Mini Rice Mill Plant is a compact and cost-effective rice processing solution. It is designed to mill and separate rice grains efficiently, making it an excellent alternative for small-scale rice producers wanting to maximize productivity.

Ragi Flour Mill Plant

The Ragi Flour Mill Plant is designed for small-scale farmers who want to make high-quality flour from ragi (finger millet). This plant is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to ensure efficient milling and high-quality flour.

Automatic Cleaning & Polishing Plant

Our Automatic Cleaning & Polishing Plant automates the cleaning and polishing of grains, saving you time and effort. This automated system is ideal for farmers seeking consistent quality without the need for physical work.

Rubber Sheller with Air Polisher

The Rubber Sheller with Air Polisher is a multi-purpose machine that combines rubber shelling and air polishing to produce perfectly processed grains. It is a must-have for farmers who want to produce high-quality grain products.

Food Machine

Our Food Machine is a multi-purpose equipment that can prepare a wide range of food products, from grains to legumes. It’s a flexible piece of equipment for any small-scale farmer’s armory, ensuring efficient food processing and diversity.

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